Betting Rules

My Account

Once you have entered your correct Username and Password, you will be able to view :

1) Your available betting balance
2) Your Locked Funds balance, which includes any bets that have not been completed or are awaiting a result. This figure will also include any outstanding Withdrawal requests.
3) Free Bet balance. This is the amount of Free Money that is currently on your account.
World Sports Betting provides a comprehensive personal account area where you can manage your betting account.
Your Account
This is the section that contains your personal information. Here you will be able to change your password, your personals details, your contact details, general information and your banking details.

This area is used to deposit funds into your World Sports Betting account, as well claiming any World Sports Betting Free Bet Vouchers.
For EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and Cash Deposits, use this section to notify our Payments department that you have deposited funds into any one of the four South African World Sports Betting bank accounts.
PLEASE NOTE that by submitting this form, you are not authorising World Sports Betting to physically withdraw funds from your respective account. This facility is merely used as a notification process.
Credit / Debit Cards: Choose the Credit Card payment option under the Deposit section. Complete the details of the deposit including the 3 digit number on the back of your card - known as the CCV and Submit. Your account will be automatically credited.

Once you are ready to receive your winnings, fill in the amount you require and submit. In order for the transfer to be facilitated, you will need to complete your bank account details under the ' Bank ' section.

This section shows your locked funds, available balance and your net amount.
You have the option of selecting a date range for your selected transactions.
By clicking on 'Pending Bets', all un-resulted and locked bets will appear for the specified date range.
'All Transactions' allows you to see ALL transactions within your specified date range.
By clicking on 'Info', you will also be able to view a detailed description of your betting transaction.
'Payments, Deposits and Withdrawals allows you to see all your payment transactions for your specified date range.

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